Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lower Back Tattoos - Do You Dare Join the Lower Back Tattoo Fad?

Lower Back Tattoos - Do You Dare Join the Lower Back Tattoo Fad?

If you lined up five girls over the age of 18 these days, at least two or three of them would have lower back tattoos. Depending on whom you are, that may be a good thing or a bad thing; those who like to do what others may find this appealing unlike those who dare to be different.

For the latter, there are certain elements of lower back tattoos that people find so appealing that cause them to be so popular. If you love the spot on your body but hesitate to conform, check out some of these ideas for lower back tattoos that can help set you apart from the others. Also, below are a few ideas for what to do if you want to have the same tattoo as the next girl; in essence, these are the 'what NOT to Dos' for when it comes to lower back tattoos.

For Your Own Appeal

If you want to have a tattoo of your very own, one that will set you apart from the flock of girls with the same lower back butterfly tattoo, you have to be original. Tattoos with words in foreign languages are a hot idea for body tattoos that many people don't even consider. Not only is this original, but it is a clever way around the cliché of feeling obligated to tattoo your significant others' name on your body.

Consider Chinese symbols. While some people have Chinese symbol tattoos, most people don't have them on their bodies as lower back tattoos. They are easily made and difficult to do so no tattoo of this nature is ever going to be just like another.

Geometrical symbols are another popular idea for lower back tattoos. Shapes that create a type of mosaic are interesting and they are never the type of thing that a person can get tired of as time goes on.

Lower back tattoos are cute, but they are a fad that everybody is subscribing to these days. Pick a symbol that represents you, that sets you apart. They are easy to hide on your lower back, so get something that you will be comfortable with seeing forever.

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