Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sexy Tattoo - The Sexiest Places to Get a Tattoo

Sexy Tattoo - The Sexiest Places to Get a Tattoo

Are you a woman looking for the sexiest places to get a sexy tattoo? If you ask a hundred people you will in all likelihood get back hundred answers which isn't what you want. You may be thinking that this isn't a popularity contest. Sure it is! I would imagine if you are looking for the answer to the sexiest location then you care about what men and to some extent what other woman have to say about the subject. I have compiled a list with results from men and women about the sexiest places to get a sexy tattoo.

Top Five Sexy Locations For Tattoo (Common)

These are listed in no significant order so don't try to read anything into it. Have fun with this list:

1) Back of the neck
2) On the lower back
3) On the upper breast
4) On the ankle
5) On the shoulder

Of course the more astute of you are probably thinking to yourself that some places have been omitted from this list and you would be correct. I will now list the more creative, daring and unusual places that women get tattoos that could even be considered sexier then the common list. With the next list of locations sometimes it's about letting them see just enough to wonder about what else may be lurking underneath and of course there are some areas that only that special person should ever have access to and then it is your private secret.

Top Five Sexy Locations For Tattoo (Daring)

These are listed in no significant order so don't try to read anymore into it. Have even more fun with this list:

1) Right above the pubic area
2) Anywhere on your inner thigh
3) Just at the top of your tail bone
4) Right below your bra strap
5) Right there on that sexy hip

I am sure these locations have probably got you thinking about what you are going to do now right? Before you make that decision you should think about the "why" for a moment. What is your intention for the tattoo? If it is to be enticing then showing just enough of it to cause further thought is what you want. Or maybe it's just for the VIP club and of course that means a location that will not be seen by the general public. In any case deciding on the sexiest places to get a sexy tattoo should be your own decision.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arm Tattoo Pictures With Fairy Tattoo Designs With Pics Arm Fairy Tattoos For Female Tattoo

Arm Tattoo Pictures With Fairy Tattoo Designs With Pics Arm Fairy Tattoos For Female TattooArm Tattoo Pictures With Fairy Tattoo Designs With Pics Arm Fairy Tattoos For Female Tattoo

If you are seeing every generic design possible when surfing the net for a tribal arm tattoo, I have some good news. There's a simple and very effective way to skip past that cookie cutter stuff, while finally getting to the galleries that take tons of pride in having collections filled with fully original, high quality design choices. It's how you search for tribal arm tattoo designs that makes the biggest difference.

The average person (which is about 95% of us) looks for artwork galleries the wrong way, which is why everyone is led to such awful tattoos. Most of us wind up staring at he same generic junk that the next person sees and it just goes on and on. Why is this happening, though? It's pretty darn simple, actually. That's the percentage of us who are reliant upon search engines to find artwork sites. Truth be told, it's a terrible way to find a tribal arm tattoo. You have a better chance of finding high quality designs by learning how to drawn and making one yourself.

That's how bad their lists have become. They never include the galleries that have fresh, original artwork any more, because there are so many generic laced websites out there and they have overtaken the search results. I'm not saying this to get you frustrated, or to make you give up on finding the perfect tribal arm tattoo. It's the exact opposite, really. I'm telling you this so that you don't have to go down that road any more. You can take another path, which leads you to so many of the amazing galleries you've been missing.

All you have to do is stick with large forums, because they are vital in finding out where the high quality artwork sites are hiding. Just pick a big forum and squeeze into their archives. This is the only part of the forum you will need, because all kinds of topics about tattoos have been started and some of them are still growing to this day. You just poke your head into some of the larger topics and scan the posts, because so many links and names to the superb artwork sites that other people have found have been shared in here. You will begin to see real tribal arm tattoo designs, instead of that basic, generic stuff. The quality difference is simply astounding.

So many people end up with a tribal arm tattoo they don't fully like, but you can choose from the best artwork out there.

Here are the 3 largest, most original galleries to find the perfect Tribal Arm Tattoo.

Adam Woodham is the author of this article and runs the blog Quality Tattoo Art, which features the 3 top galleries, with the absolute largest galleries of tribals you can imagine.