Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Neck Tattoo Pictures With Star Tattoo Designs With Pics Neck Star Tattoos For Female Tattoo

Neck Tattoo Pictures With Star Tattoo Designs With Pics Neck Star Tattoos For Female TattooNeck Tattoo Pictures With Star Tattoo Designs With Pics Neck Star Tattoos For Female Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is commonplace today, but when it comes to neck tattoos you have to select carefully. Since this is an area of the body that is a lot more difficult to cover up or hide, it is crucial to select a tattoo that fits your personality and that you will feel completely comfortable showing to the world. The following considerations will help you determine what type of neck tattoo makes the right statement for you.

Tattoo Size

First, spend some time looking in the mirror and imagining the area of your neck that you would like the tattoo to cover. Some people get tattoos that go around the entire neck sort of like a choker in the middle, or down lower where a necklace might hang. Others prefer small tattoos on the side or perhaps one mid-sized tattoo right in the center of the neck. If you are looking for something subtle, cute, or slightly sexy you should go with a smaller sized tattoo, while something larger will draw more attention and make a bolder statement.

Tattoo Coloring

Are you looking for the more subtle, understated appeal of a black and white tattoo? Would you prefer something with bold colors? The coloring will work with the overall size to determine how prominent the tattoo is and how much attention it draws from others.

Tattoo Designs

You can get virtually any design placed on your neck, but determining color and size preferences will narrow down your selections considerably. If you already have a design in mind and you know exactly what symbol or shape tattoo you want, then you just need to determine the exact placement on your neck.

If you aren't quite certain of the design or if you know you want a particular shape but can't decide on the style of the design, then spend some time looking through tattoo designs online. There are many large collections of tattoo artwork that can be browsed through and even used for free, as well as many top notch collections from premier tattoo artists being offered for a low membership rate.

You could also go into a tattoo parlor and look at designs, but their selection will be very limited that way. It is best to look through as many designs as possible to find something (or even your own unique combination of two different designs) that fits your personality and preferences perfectly.

Tattoo Artists

Once you know for certain that you want a neck tattoo and have determined where you want it and what it should look like, it's time to find a talented and experienced artist to perform the tattoo. Ask around to see if someone you know can recommend a good artist first. You want to make sure the artist has a lot of experience, can show some samples of their work, and ask lots of questions to ensure they feel completely confident doing the design you want completed.

Remember, the best tattoo artists aren't always the cheapest. Just shopping around for a dirt cheap price could be the recipe for disaster, and the neck area is not the place for a poor quality tattoo. Find an artist who can do a really great job, even if you have to save up a bit and pay a higher price for their experience and talent.

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