Monday, February 1, 2010

Shoulder Spider 3D Tattoo Design

Shoulder Spider 3D Tattoo DesignShoulder Spider 3D Tattoo Design

People are so addicted to tattoos that they would place them at any part of their body. Among those regions where you could possibly put one is on your shoulder. There is an interesting fact about shoulder tattoos because people are not fascinated to venture into this kind until recently when people start to experiment with tattoos. So now, they are no longer stuck with those timeless ankle and wrist ones that never get old.

Where to Put One

Just like any kind of tattoo, putting one on your shoulder will tender you with a wide range of options, from the front of the shoulder to the shoulder blade. Basically, women prefer having something on their shoulder blade while the one which is located on the front of the shoulder is the design most common among men.

The Design

Most of the time, women would have shoulder tattoos which tend to be more feminine in nature. Think about fairies, butterflies, and dolphins. For men, they would normally go for something which is more masculine like tribal designs, Japanese characters, etc.

The Benefits of Tattoos on Shoulder

The best thing about shoulder tattoos is the fact that they can easily be covered when the wearer wish to. So in times when she doesn't like to show off her beautiful tattoo then she doesn't have to All that it takes is to get a dress which will cover it. Nevertheless, this tattoo will have a very good effect on a woman's beauty in case she wants it shown.

Because the shoulder and the nape are parts considered as sensual spots, shoulder tattoo usually obtain the unspoken attention given by the opposite sex. This is a bold manner for a particular woman to convey herself in times when she wants to. With different sizes and designs to go for, there won't be any reason not to go for one!

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