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The Symbolism Behind Angel Tattoo Designs

The Symbolism Behind Angel Tattoo Designs

As tattoos become more popular for women today, so goes a variety of angel tattoo designs. Deep with personal meaning, and more than enough room for detailed artistic understanding, angel tattoo designs show no signs of their attractiveness fading in the near future.

Originating from the Greek word "Angelos," meaning messenger, the word angel dates back thousands of years to early biblical times. Referencing the bible, angels were created by God to protect us in all ways. The bible also states that there are three distinct kinds of angels; guides, messengers, and protectors. Angels are also mentioned in many other religions, including the Koran.

Throughout history, the purpose and appearance of angels have differed, but artists have been consistent in their depiction, showing them as beautiful creatures with wings, either glowing or shining, usually in human form, and that theme continues in the angel tattoo designs of today.

Angels have appeared in many different situations throughout history, sometimes as care givers in times of strife or grief, or as the angel of death, leading way to the gates of heaven. They have also been shown guiding great warriors into battle.

One of the more popular angel tattoo designs today is the guardian angel. Watching over us from birth to death, these angels are believed to guide and protect, and are commonly give a familiar name. Inspiring hope in times of need, and a sense of security, guardian angels often appear out of nowhere and disappear without a trace.

As the popularity of the angel increases, so does the variety of angel tattoo designs, and the different interpretations may be credited to the way we look at religion at large. No longer restrained by traditional dogma, our desire to believe in angels is a message of peace and hope, and a desire to exist side by side in a more spiritual world, a world where we all live together as one, with a commitment to serving each other. The choice of one of many angel tattoo designs could be a personal statement, as to your beliefs, or more simply a friend of comfort, offering guidance and protection throughout the days.

The most common places for a woman to get angel tattoo designs are the back of the shoulder, abdomen, foot, or even the wrist. Another popular design is the full set of wings, more properly called angel wing back pieces. Not for the faint of heart, this large design is not recommended as a first tattoo because of its large size, expense, and complexity of design.

If you're still interested in angel tattoo designs that features wings, you can create an image that incorporates a smaller version of the wings, surrounding the name of a loved one, as a memorial to someone who has passed and is safe in the arms of the angels.

Angel tattoo designs are often a very personal choice, signifying a quest for purity, guiding and protecting others with beauty and grace. It is additionally a sign of settling for only the best and make for great first tattoo.

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